The Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation


The M.I.L.E. Foundation is a sub-group created by the Meme-Rider Media Team, whose main function is to develop life extension strategies that align with the socio-economic, political, aesthetic and philosophical predilections of the MRMT.

“This includes the transhumanist notion put forth by Timothy Leary of S.M.I.I.L.E. (space migration, increase intelligence and life extension)”…(from the Manifesto)…

Tuttle, phaser…: The secondary objective given the MILEF sub-group is the conception, creation, realization, execution and eventual maintenance of Operation: Passaic Age, which is a technically covert, global, smart media art project set to span 250 million years.

Since 2000, the M.I.L.E. Foundation has mostly been engaged in the aesthetic design of multi-function cryonic suspension devices (such as the a neurosuspension unit that also makes gelato) and the initiation of cryogenic gaming events incorporating FM 2030’s up-winger motto of “optimism-abundance-universalism-immortality”.

Lastly, the tertiary objective of the M.I.L.E. Foundation is transhumanist apologetics, in the short term, with an emphasis on current events and locations. within a contemporary framework.  Tut suit…


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