The Antonomic Society

The Antonomic Society is a secretive art collective founded in London, UK, 2009. The original members, although not all currently active, each took the pseudonym Ishmael Alexander in order to hide their identities. The founding concept was of a secret service like arts/culture organisation – partly in reaction to the growing popularity of ‘art facilitation groups’ – which could infiltrate and undermine existing cultural institutions.

Cited in the first manifesto of the Antonomic Society, the purpose of undermining the current cultural hegemony was to create ‘new critical space’ and ‘to lay siege to the walls of Empire’ (see Alain Badiou, Fifteen Theses on Art). Also inspired by other art collectives past and present (Freee Art, Pil & Galia, Plastique Fantastique, Bank, Other, Situationist International, Futurist literary movement headed by F.T Marinetti, et al), the Antonomic Society continues to work and produce, constantly developing its ideas. Due, in no small part, to the diversity of its members and the terrorist-cell like organizational structure it has implemented.

Previous Antonomic activities include a participatory recreation located in a London theatre of the 2002 Moscow Nord-Ost siege; an on-going archive of signed legal declarations each claiming to own the intellectual concept of plagiarism; a recreation of the hoax of the Apollo 11 moon landing; and a quasi-pagan carnivalesque/symbolic burning of an effigy of the Deepwater Horizon wellhead.

In Dallas, TX, the Society will be presenting a newly drafted declaration entitled ‘In Praise of Deforestation’ and will set about over the days of the CIncArt show to cut down one hundred (100) trees, presenting photographic evidence each working day.*

In addition to this, the Antonomic Society will also display a small collection of digital replica prints from its archive, from various projects and planning meetings. And to celebrate the nation which caused the one the greatest economic collapses in recent history the Society will be selling these historic prints for $1000 each.

* The Antonomic Society believes in its actions, despises nature and all of its symbols, and believes the defilement of the natural world to be the true embodiment of humanity. However, we are aware that this may cause some ethical disputes and if this is the case we strongly compel you to contact our long-term documenter Lewis McGuffie []. He will be over 5,000 miles away from Dallas for the duration of the exhibition, but strong words travel far.


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