Glove it or Leave It is a foundation dedicated to the location and recovery of lost gloves and mittens with the intention of facilitating the reunion of lot pairs and providing compatible new partners for lonely singles.  Glove it or Leave It began in Alta, Utah in early 2000, by artist, (then ski lodge employee) Abby Manock as a mail-art project, in response to a frustrating propensity for losing gloves, and a noticeable build up of unmatched pairs in lost and found bins everywhere.  It pre-dates the internet as we know it, emerging as a series of postcard mass mailings when blogging and social networking sites were mere shadows of the giants they would soon become.  All of Glove it or Leave It’s catalog images were hand drawn and all records were counted on fingers, filed and tagged with string, hole punched and hand numbered.  The official mailing list was kept in an unlined notebook and not alphabetized.  In its second season the headquarters were moved to Burlington, VT, expanding the collection beyond the ski lodge to include all shapes and sizes of gloves and mittens.  Hundreds of post cards were mailed out via the USPS to spread the awareness and call for donations.  Response proved overwhelmingly interested and donations were received from several US states including Alaska and as far afield as China.  Gloves began to pile up and the .com was secured with the intention of making a website, but due to an over abundance of inventory, lack of personal to carry out time consuming methods of recording, hundreds of gloves and mittens were still un-documented when the Squirrel family moved into the archives in the late fall of ’01 and upon their departure in the spring ’02, the entire inventory had to be thrown away.  Sadly, the paperwork stands as the only remaining physical evidence of the project, but the awareness lives on indefinitely.


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