Signify, Sanctify, Believe (SSB) is facilitated by Claire Cronin (Director of Metaphysical Relations), Tanya Rubbak (Vice President of Devout Visual Strategy), and Adam Overton (Astral Frolicking Coordinator), and features the sacred work of dozens of contemporary artists, performers, and visionaries. We believe that temporary engagement with [semi-]fictional religious technologies can lead to heightened and playful awareness in our daily, secular lives.

One component of SSB outreach is The Library of Sacred Technologies (L.o.S.T.), an ephemeral cabinet of metaphysical wonders, designed to inspire seekers of all dimensions and demeanor. It contains newly created and found publications by a cast of self-proclaimed self-helpers, charismatic gurus, and other types of sincere mystical dabblers.

We invite visitors to come rest, recharge and peruse the vast archives of our L.o.S.T. Reading Room, while in residence at CIncArt: The Convention on Incorporated Art, or online at



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